PG/VG Explained

Our e-liquids are for use in any personal vaporizer that is refillable.

The amount of Throat Hit, amount of Vapor, and the consistency depend on the base mix you select for each flavor:

The more PG in the mix, the thinner the liquid, the stronger the throat hit and the smaller the Vapor Cloud.

The more VG in the mix, the thicker the liquid, the bigger the Vapor Cloud and the less of a throat hit.




MAXIMUM VG: If nicotine is selected it is PG based along with the flavoring which is also PG based. The remainder is filled with VG 

PG 40% - VG 60%: This will produce a moderate vapor cloud  and moderate throat hit.

PG 50% - VG 50% (MOST REQUESTED) This will produce a moderate vapor cloud and moderate throat hit.

PG 60% - VG 40%: This will produce a moderate vapor cloud and moderate throat hit.

PG 70% - VG 30%: This will produce a small to moderate vapor cloud and above-moderate throat hit.

PG 80% - VG 20%: Small amount of vapor and decent throat hit.

PG 90% - VG 10%: Minimal amount of vapor and strong throat hit.

PG 100% - VG 0%: There is no VG in the bottle. This will produce a small amount of vapor and a nice strong throat hit.



Throat hit will also depend on the level of nicotine you select and the device you are using it with.




Throat hit can also be adjusted with your equipment. A variable voltage battery will allow you to vape at higher temps by increasing the voltage. By using a lower resistant atomizer/cartomizer it will increase the throat hit. 


PLEASE BE SAFE: Do not modify your equipment and read your instructions and safety information carefully

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