Marijuana Flavored e Liquid

Alien Vapor and The Area51 brand have succeeded where so many others would'nt even dare to try! Try our Wacky Tobacky flavor....and for an even bigger kick...try our SuperSkunk!  Our Marijuana flavored e liquid is a one of a kind and sought after the world over. Many sites, besides not being able to get the flavor right,  were too scared of the downfall of using words like marijuana, cannabis or even Mary Jane because they figured search engines would shy away from their site. We built our reputation on our flavors and not on a search engine! So we are proud to bring you your Marijuana e juice...your Cannabis e liquid....your maryjane marijuana cannabis weed e liquid!! Whatever you wanna call it....we got it! So as we say....Grab the Twinkies...grab the chips....and toke away! PLEASE NOTE - THESE FLAVORS ARE PURELY NOVELTY ITEMS AND CONTAIN NO ACTIVE INGREDIENTS OTHER THAN NICOTINE (IF SELECTED).


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