Ego Variable Voltage 1100mah Battery


The 1100mAh Variable Voltage eGo Electronic Cigarette Battery allows you to customize your vaping experience by changing the voltage to 3 different settings... simply by clicking the button 5 times rapidly. This battery also includes an LCD display giving you a clear indication of when your battery is going to need to be recharged. It also indicates the status of your charge as it is charging. Battery Voltage Indicator 3.2v - Light ring illuminates Red 3.7v - Light ring illuminates Red & Blue 4.2v - Light ring illuminates Blue The higher the voltage the more vapor! Customize your setting to work best with different Cartomizers and Atomizers! The Variable Voltage eGo Electronic Cigarette Battery is compatible with all our 510 and eGo products. This makes a great addition to your eGo or 510 model electronic cigarette. The 1100mAh Variable Voltage Battery is being offered at an amazing price here at Alien Vapor....Grab one today! Features: * Weight:0.04kg * Battery size: 11cm length * Lithium battery capacity: 1100 mAh * Charging time: 3 hours * LCD screen to display the battery capacity * You can change the voltage as you need * The light color below the button means different voltage Blue light: 4V Pink light: 3.5V Red light: 3V * Quickly press button five times to change the voltage Package include: 1 * battery Alien Vapor is your one stop shop for all your vaping needs. Try some of our delicious eliquids available in strengths up to 36mg!

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